Staying Active During COVID-19!

With Governor Andy Beshear’s instruction for all gyms and fitness centers to close until further notice, it has left a lot of people perplexed on how to stay active while they’re trapped at home. Not everyone has access to a home gym or fancy equipment, so figuring out how to continue your fitness routines without these amenities has become a real struggle. Luckily lots of our Downtown Lexington fitness centers have begun offering online classes and resources to help you remain on track with your goals, stay active, and maintain a bit of normalcy to your routine during these unprecedented times. We’ve compiled a list of downtown fitness resources available to you online and we’ll continue to update it as things change.

P.S. One of the biggest things you can do to help our downtown fitness organizations (if your budget allows), is to not freeze or suspend your membership while their physical locations are closed. We understand it is a sacrifice to continue to pay for a service you can’t use at the moment, but these membership fees are so important to these businesses and the people that run them. Thank you all for continuing to spread kindness and support our local businesses during this time. #TogetherKY #TeamKentucky #LexUNITE #DowntownLex



  • Will be videotaping classes like Barre, Fit Strength, and 305 Dance so you can access some workouts on their YouTube channel.


  • Personalized home workouts being sent to members based on their goals and the equipment they have available to them.
  • Membership costs being reduced by 50%.
Shine Pilates Studio
  • “While we are shut down we are sharing FREE workout videos on our Youtube channel. We believe movement helps and movement heals … and this is one small thing we can do to help those struggling right now.”


  • Live streaming their class every day on their Instagram page at 9:30 am!

West Sixth Running Club

  • The club will continue to operate, just on an individual basis. To check-in, you can now post a picture of yourself on your run on the appropriate Facebook post each Tuesday. Prizes will be distributed once it is safe to meet in person once more! For more info, check out their Facebook page.


  • The Y has put together many “YMCA 360 Workouts” that include everything from beginner yoga to strength exercises. For most of the workouts, the only equipment you’ll need is a chair! This resource is very well put together and has a little something for everyone, regardless of where you’re at in your fitness journey.
  • Large library of on-demand videos of your favorite Y-classes!

It is also well worth noting, it is still safe to be outdoors as long as you maintain safe social distancing and good hygiene practices. Go for a run through a local park, work out in your backyard on a nice day, or go for a hike! Make sure you’re safe, but don’t forget the value of time spent in nature. The New York Times has provided a great and informative article here.

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