Downtown Lexington Partnership is a high performance umbrella organization working to build a vibrant, economically powerful urban core on behalf of its partnering organizations, members, funders and stakeholders.

Who We Are

Downtown Lexington
Partnership (DLP)

The Downtown Lexington Partnership (DLP) is the umbrella Downtown organization formed in the 4th quarter of 2017 to provide a single point of contact and accountability and a coordinated approach to Downtown revitalization and management. The Downtown Lexington Corporation (DLC) and Lexington Downtown Development Authority (LDDA), two long operating organizations, fall directly under the DLP umbrella and are managed by a common board of directors known as the Downtown Lexington Board of Directors. A third organization, the Downtown Lexington Management District (DLMD), has a separate board of directors that contracts with the Downtown Lexington Partnership to manage its programs and services.



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Downtown Lexington
Corporation (DLC)

Founded in 1988, is a 501(c)4 membership-based, event and marketing not-for-profit. Through events and promotion efforts, DLC enhances the quality of life in Downtown Lexington and encourages responsible economic development in the downtown business core and its surrounding neighborhoods and districts. The DLC mission is to promote Downtown Lexington as a unique and vibrant place in Lexington for business, residential life and entertainment. In addition, DLC acts as a liaison between downtown business and the local government.

Lexington Downtown
Development Authority (LDDA)

LDDA is a quasi-governmental organization which promotes Downtown’s physical and economic development to strengthens and maintain Downtown Lexington as the cultural and economic heart of Central Kentucky. LDDA:

• Tackles the toughest development challenges directly.
• Drives investment into the neighborhoods and Central Business District by providing actionable urban design and real estate analysis for the public and private sectors.
• Sets the agenda for future development through community outreach, education, and public involvement.

LDDA Annual Meeting

June 17, 2019

11:00 AM

316 W High St.

Lexington, KY 40507

Downtown Lexington
Management District (DLMD)

DLP also manages the programs and services of the District on behalf of the Downtown Lexington Management District Board of Directors. DLMD is a property tax business improvement district created in May 2015 by the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) Council through Ordinance No. 52-2015, after a majority of property owners within the proposed District approved a petition to request its establishment. DLMD uses the District property tax levy to enhance and manage the Downtown’s physical environment and to foster economic development and Downtown revitalization by:

• Providing enhanced cleaning services to create a foundation for business development.
• Providing enhanced safety resources to address worker, visitor and resident safety.
• Supporting public art initiatives.
• Allocating resources for economic development programs that support property owners/businesses and for marketing Downtown to developers and business prospects.



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Downtown Lexington Partnership Advisory Board

DLP Advisory board is composed of corporate members who provide DLP significant financial support and assist with developing and implementing policies, programs, events and services. Many thanks to our advisory board members.


What We Do

DLP works to create an economically powerful, vibrant Downtown by proactively and strategically working with our public and private sector partners to:
• Develop and improve Downtown and the District.
• Provide enhanced cleaning, beautification and safety services.
• Market and promote Downtown, the District and its businesses.
• Address critical issues that affect the success of Downtown and the District on behalf of our stakeholders and the regional community.

Our Future:

Vision A vibrant, economically powerful urban core that is the premiere cultural, leisure, entertainment, dining, shopping, residential and corporate center of the Lexington community.

What We Value

Our Staff and Boards believe we must value attributes that will make us successful. We call them “The Five Be’s of Success:”

1. Be Results Driven and Accountable:
Do More, Do It Better, Do It Now!
2. Be Passionate:
Work Hard, Play Hard; Celebrate the Victories-Large and Small! Be Contagious!
3. Be Strategic, Proactive, and Creative:
Think Outside the Box, Make a Positive Difference Every Day!
4. Be a Winner, Possess A Can-Do, Winning Attitude:
Our First Answer is, Yes we can! Be Fearless!
5. Be Servant Leaders:
Be of Value and Relevant. Collaborate, Partner, Problem Solve!

Winning: What does Mission
Success Look Like?

• Cleaner, safer and more beautiful and accessible Downtown.
• Attracting a wave of new Downtown investments and businesses.
• Increased visitation of Downtown.
• Improved consumer perceptions of Downtown.
• Attracting new financial resources and regional leadership to support the DLP mission.


How Do We Get There?

DLP will operate and approach Downtown revitalization and management with these guiding principles:
1. Be a collaborative, customer, results-oriented, engaging and inclusive-focused organization.
2. Make Downtown an urban laboratory and cultivate connections with entrepreneurs and universities and students.
3. Foster an inviting, convenient, pedestrian-friendly, connected, multi-modal Downtown.
4. Celebrate, support and promote the Lexington sense of community, culture, arts, and heritage assets.
5. Strengthen, connect and promote emerging districts and historic neighborhoods.
6. Create an inclusive Downtown and broaden the experience to make it everyone’s neighborhood.


Priorities & Focus

1. Build and Manage, Effective Strong Partnerships.
2. Plan, Develop and Manage Downtown.
3. Attract Customers and Resources.
4. Build Organizational Capacity and Effectiveness and Improve Relevance.