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18 and Under in #downtownlex

Hi, I am Ellie Kiper and I am currently a senior at Frederick Douglass High School! I was born and raised in Lexington and love to explore Downtown every chance I get. One of the main misconceptions of Downtown Lexington is that there are only things for adults to do. As a minor myself, I know for a fact that there is a multitude of things for anyone under the age of 21 to do and have put together the minor’s guide for Downtown Lexington!

21C Museum

  • Known to many as the 21C Hotel, this modern downtown attraction has a free museum inside for any downtown visitors. As soon as you walk in, you are immersed in contemporary art and hardly recognize you are in a hotel. Galleries are open 24/7 and are constantly rotating so you can always take in the spectacular artwork every time you go!

The Kentucky and Lyric Theatres

  • Rather than attend a commercial theatre, why not explore downtown and visit one of the oldest landmarks in Lexington? Both The Kentucky and Lyric Theatres have regular showings of various movies at discounted ticket rates. For more information on ticket prices and showtimes visit Lyric Theatre and Kentucky Theatre

A Legends Baseball Game

  • Take me out to the ball game! Make sure to attend one of the Lexington Legends baseball games for a guaranteed night of fun. For game information, times, and special events visit Lexington Legends Baseball.

Third Street Stuff

  • Stop by North Limestone and East Third Street to see this lively corner of downtown. At this coffee shop, you can enjoy a number of assorted drinks and check out a variety of different artwork. It is a perfect place to relax, hang out with friends, and catch up on all of that homework you’ve been procrastinating on.

Chocolate Holler

  • To satisfy that constant sweet tooth, Chocolate Holler is the best place to go. They have everything from chocolate drinks to chocolate sweets. I mean, what more could you need? The relaxing environment mixed with their friendly staff makes for a great place to stop by and hang out.

Spin Electric Scooters

  • Instead of walking around downtown, why not take a spin on the new electric scooters? All you have to do is download the Spin app and then you can rent a scooter whenever you would like. This is a perfect way to travel easily through downtown or a great way to just explore.

Unified Trust Company Ice Rink

  • Bring a group of friends and either skate or gracefully fall on downtown Lexington’s very own ice skating rink. Of course, this is only from November-January, but it is a fun way to embrace the winter cold. For more information on pricing and opening dates, visit Downtown Lexington Ice Skating.


  • Along with the beautiful buildings, there are many green spaces throughout
    Downtown Lexington is begging to be explored. Triangle Park, Gratz Park, and the Arboretum are perfect places to buddle up and walk around.\

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