Spring 2020 Intern Spotlight!

The Downtown Lexington Partnership is proud to present our interns for the spring 2020 semester! This semester we have four outstanding seniors who all love Downtown Lexington. Coming from the University of Kentucky and Transylvania University, these interns are excited to work with the DLP to further promote and grow the downtown area. Each one has various strengths and unique backgrounds they bring to the table. Read on to get to know them a little better.


Jonathan Hampton

Jonathan is a senior majoring in Integrated Strategic Communication (ISC) at the University of Kentucky. He was born in London, Kentucky.  He chose to intern at the Downtown Lexington Partnership because he loves Lexington and wanted to get a chance to explore more of the various businesses downtown. He loves meeting new people and seeing the unique stories everyone has to tell. His favorite activity in Downtown Lexington is to try out new restaurants and bars to see all the unique culinary options Lexington has to offer. Some fun facts about Jonathan: he is half Japanese and has been to Japan several times, he has climbed Mt. Fuji; does magic, and hosts a podcast.


Taylor Mahlinger

Taylor is a senior majoring in writing, rhetoric, and communication at Transylvania University. She is from Owensboro, Kentucky. She is very passionate about downtown Lexington, which in turn, led her to DLP. This internship allows her to work toward her professional goals while being a part of something she feels is meaningful and enjoyable. Taylor loves music and is a huge foodie. Her music preference depends on the day, so her go-to playlist is always changing! Taylor loves to visit all the amazing restaurants in Downtown Lexington. Her current favorite spot is Corto Lima because of its fun atmosphere and incredible food! Fun facts about Taylor are she plays guitar and does a bit of songwriting. As if that isn’t cool enough, she is also currently writing a non-fiction book about a business she and her sister started called Southern Secrets.

Sally Boone

Sally is a senior majoring in Marketing and ISC at the University of Kentucky. She is from St. Louis, Missouri. She loves Downtown Lexington and wants to be a part of growing and promoting it, so interning at DLP only made sense! Her passions include politics, reading, and spending time with friends and family. She loves to explore Downtown Lexington in hopes of finding new shops and restaurants. Her favorite is when she finds something completely unique to Lexington! Her hobbies include reading, dancing, and kickboxing!


Taylor Jackson

Taylor is a senior in ISC at the University of Kentucky. She is from St. Louis, Missouri.  During her time at UK, she has always found something fun to do in Downtown Lexington, whether it’s an event or discovering a new place to eat. Since DLP is heavily involved in some of the activities that go on downtown and she thought it would be the perfect place to intern! She has always had a passion for marketing but has developed a passion for experiential marketing, marketing that is centered around face-to-face engagement. This passion had led her to several awesome internships, including DLP! During the holiday time, Taylor loves to visit Triangle Park and go ice-skating. Fun facts about her are she loves St. Louis, desserts, and Grey’s Anatomy.





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