South Limestone Spotlight

I’m Aaron Boatright and I’m a senior at the University of Kentucky. I frequent restaurants and bars on South Limestone, and I have put together a guide just for you. Students or not, South Limestone is one of downtown Lexington’s more popular streets with a huge variety of things to do! South Limestone’s got it all: restaurants, bars, fast food, record stores and shopping. A brand new McDonald’s and Target have been added in recent months to this awesome area, so whatever it is you’re into, South Limestone has it covered.

Restaurants- Of course you have heard of Pazzo’s, but if you haven’t been you need to check it out. Pazzo’s is known campus wide and across Lexington as a very popular pizza pub. Whether you are just eating pizza, or just drinking beer, or even just coming to watch the game that’s on, Pazzo’s will not disappoint.


McDonald’s might not be the same dining experience as Pazzo’s, but have you seen the new one on South Limestone? It’s a huge upgrade from the old McDonald’s.  The new McDonald’s looks like a brand new building and it tastes better than ever.

Nothing hits the spot quite like a Chipotle burrito after a long day of class or work. That’s right Chipotle is on South Limestone and trust me it is good! Quick serve Mexican grill where you walk up and they whip up whatever you like right there in front of you.                                                                                                                                                                                      

One of the best debates between my friends is Local Taco or Cinco de Mayo.  It is such a hard decision. Cinco de Mayo is more of a traditional Mexican dining experience while Local Taco is upscale Mexican street food.  Good thing they are almost right next to each other!  These are two of the best Mexican restaurants in Lexington and they are right off of South Limestone. Both restaurants are great for indoor or outdoor seating, as they both have a very relaxing outdoor area.        


On top of all of the great food choices, South Limestone has my 2 favorite bars and then some! This is one of the best places to hang out with your friends and have a great time.  You could go to Two Keys, Tin Roof, the Paddock, Crummz and a few more. Walk up and down South Limestone and one of these bars is guaranteed to be poppin!

At Two Keys the music is loud and the drinks are good! This is a perfect recipe to be out all night dancing and making memories with your friends. Two Keys also has an outdoor bar and hangout spot that is one of my favorites. Thursday nights are $10 cover with an all you can drink option that everyone loves. See you there on Thursday            


As for Tin Roof this is the best bar around to watch the big game at! Especially if it is a UK home game, but if that is the case then show up early because there will be a line to get in! On top of the great atmosphere for games Tin Roof has a great drink menu to go along with amazing bar food, such as wings, tenders, burgers and nachos! Call ahead if you and your friends want to reserve a booth for the big game and guarantee yourself a spot to sit and a waiter taking your orders.


Other than bars and restaurants there are still other things to do on and around South Limestone. Some of those things include checking out the brand new Target, or walking around your favorite, or soon-to-be favorite music shop, CD Central. In a time where a lot of our music is online, it’s more important than ever to support your local record shop.

The new Target located right behind South Limestone is a big deal. It makes shopping that much easier for students and your everyday downtown traveler. If you haven’t had the chance to at least walk around the target, then I highly recommend going to check it out next time you need something.                           


If you love music or have a little time to kill then you should go check out CD Central on South Limestone.  CD Central has a big variety of musical selections for all. Browsing through the different vinyls and albums they have in there is unlike anything else in Lexington, so if you want to go old school, visit CD Central.


The places above are some of my personal favorites on and around the South Limestone area, but of course there are more. If you don’t spend some of your time around the South Limestone area then you are missing out on some of the best spots in downtown Lexington!

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