Eating Out in #downtownlex

By: Ellie Kiper

It seems as if there are hundreds of websites that advertise the “fine dining” Downtown Lexington has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, these extravagant places are always a great place to go but for those of us “balling on a budget” there is a wide variety of wonderful restaurants that will leave you wanting more. Say goodbye to the excuse of not knowing where to go and say hello to going out and enjoying some great food at a great price. Go out there and satisfy your hunger with this guide to eating in Downtown Lexington!

Goodfellas Pizzeria

  • Calling all pizza lovers, Goodfellas has a huge selection of signature pizzas to satisfy anyone’s pizza preferences. Go visit the location in the Distillery District for a beautiful dinner destination or stop in at the Mill Street location to grab a quick bite or get it to go. Either way, you simply can’t go wrong with homemade New York Style pizza.

Blue Door Smokehouse

  • Five words. Freshly. Smoked. Barbeque. Every. Day. Need I say more? The combination of amazing food and friendly service makes this a must-try. However, make sure you don’t wait too long in the day to go because once the barbeque is gone, it’s gone.

Bourbon n’ Toulouse

  • Add a little spice to your life by stopping in at Lexington’s very own taste of New Orleans. Stop by and take in the fun and festive environment while also enjoying the vast selection of authentic Cajun and Creole food that will leave your mouth watering for more.\


  • Feeling breakfast? Lunch? Maybe even brunch? Doodles has everything you could possibly desire. This local restaurant serves fresh local ingredients to put a healthy twist on comfort foods. On top of their delicious menu, it is a great place to gather and enjoy a great meal.


  • Most well-known for their burgers, Tolly-Ho has been serving our community for years. This 24/7 restaurant emphasizes its local roots through its hands-on owners and friendly staff. The combination of their local roots and great food makes for a great place to stop in and grab a bite to eat.

Lexington Diner

  • Clearly, based on the name, Lexington Diner is all about its local roots. They make sure to serve meals based off of their customers and even model their diner to fit the “friendly and eclectic” vibe that Lexington has.

Local Taco

  • A place where Tex-Mex meets Southern roots, Local Taco is proud of their local roots and makes sure that they provide their customers with as many locally grown ingredients as possible. A great place to stop in and relax to enjoy some wonderful tacos.


  • Why did the chicken cross the road? To escape Gus’s Fried Chicken of course! Not only does Gus’s dedicate themselves to serving amazing fried chicken, but they also make it their goal to keep their recipes and traditions going on for the many years to come. And trust me; you don’t want a single thing to change!

Crank and Boom

  • This local ice cream shop brings together wonderful ice cream and a touch of Kentucky. Stop in after dinner (or even before) and try one of their many Kentucky based flavors. Their wide selection is guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Insomnia Cookies

  • Insomnia Cookies has a huge variety of cookies, cookie sandwiches, cookie cakes, and anything else cookie. A great place to stop for a quick dessert or just a quick snack and is a perfect way to satisfy anyone’s inner Cookie Monster.

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