DLP President/CEO To Leave Organization

DLP President/CEO To Leave the Organization

Lexington, KY – Downtown Lexington Partnership (DLP) President/CEO Terry Sweeney has resigned to assist his wife in caring for her ill parents in Indiana. Sweeney met with the DLP executive committee in mid-June to relay the challenges facing his family, which ultimately led to his decision.

“It was with heavy heart that I let the executive committee know of our family decision, but it was time to put family first. In the last 18 months, we put more than 10,000 miles traveling to Indiana on weekends. My wife even arranged to work remotely for a month last year so she could provide care and support. With that ongoing burden and our lease expiring at the end of July, we knew it was time,” Sweeney said.

“I have enjoyed leading this organization and providing my knowledge and work experiences to bring new programs to the organization and make a positive impact on our downtown. Besides new programs and vision for the organization, I am proud of how we provided much-needed financial support for downtown businesses during the pandemic. I am also proud that I leave the organization in a better financial position with a strong balance sheet. Most of all, I am thankful for the support of our passionate and dedicated board and staff,” Sweeney said.

DLP Immediate Past Chair, Steve Kelly, praised Sweeney’s work, “Besides his extensive downtown experience, Terry brought a high level of enthusiasm and passion. He developed many new programs and was instrumental in helping DLP weather the pandemic as we emerged in a very strong financial position. He will be missed.”

Current DLP Chair, Jennifer Taylor stated “We understand Terry’s decision and wish him the best. Sweeney’s last day will be July 15th. The executive committee is currently working to appoint an interim President/CEO and will begin the search for a new leader within the next 45 days.”




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