Boutique Shopping in #downtownlex

By Claire O’Neill

When visiting Lexington in October you will find Keeneland, orchards, and fall fashion! Every Keeneland fall season brings a new year of cozy sweaters, stylish dresses and new trends. With hand-selected items and personal styling, downtown Lexington’s boutiques have something for everyone this season.

Here is a list of some of the boutiques that can help you capture your best style, including our favorite item from each store!

Calypso Boutique

Located at 513 E. Maxwell St, this boutique first opened in 2007. The store has a wide variety of clothes that are perfect for Keeneland or a University of Kentucky game day. Their goal is to personalize their store to you, so you can find your perfect outfit. Everything in the boutique is handpicked and they receive new merchandise daily! Calypso offers trendy clothing for good prices.

Old Habits Sweater, $ 38.00,

Bella Rose

Bella Rose is located on the corner of W. Maxwell and S. Upper St. This unique boutique has a focus on designer dresses and sweet sales associates. They provide a family-like feel and provide every customer with friendly faces and stylish advice. Bella Rose is the perfect place to visit when looking for a last minute dress to purchase for a wedding or formal dinner.

Keeneland Style, Price in Store

Sugar Belle’s Boutique

At 235 Woodland Ave., you’ll find Sugar Belle’s Boutique. Nestled in the heart of Kentucky, this boutique has the southern charm every Kentuckian knows. Their specially selected merchandise reflects their unique feel. Sugar Belle’s in the perfect stop for your dressed up game day. It is truly sweet, southern, and chic.

Rainey Striped Romper – Royal Blue, $44.99,

Pink Spider

Pink Spider, at 507 E. High St., loves to push the norm on what defines style. They look for grown-up styles that have an unusual and creative flair. Opening in 2011, the catchphrase of this store is a “boutique with a bite.” Pink Spider enjoys showing off their passion for fun and creative trends.

English Moss Tunic, $58.00,

Steel Mill & Co

At 882 E. High St., it is hard to walk in and leave Steel Mill & Co. empty handed. This shop is a lifestyle boutique which was founded by women for women. Their variety allows every woman who walks in to find their unique style. With a personal stylist program, it is easier than ever to find the most flattering, stylish pieces for you.

Front Tie Ribbon Flare Jeans – Dark Wash, $59.50.

Monkee’s of Lexington

Locally owned and operated at 116 Clay Ave., owner Sarah Woodworth believes that Monkee’s is not a one-stop shop. There is a wide variety of gift options, and full outfits you can find at this boutique, making it the perfect place to craft the perfect outfit or gift.

Faye Dress Navy Vine, $209,


Peplum’s down-to-earth attitude and friendly price points make this boutique a wise stop when shopping in Lexington. Owned by a mother-daughter duo, this local store insures their service is attentive and takes the stress out of shopping. On 824 Euclid Ave, you can’t miss it.

Bad Habit Two-In-One Bag, $98,

Black Market

On 516 E High St. Black Market is a vintage inspired store. Their wide variety makes it easy to shop for everyone with men’s clothes, home décor, and so much more. Their boutique clothing options reflect their unique style.

Good kind of weird doormat, $32,

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