Mind Over Body Studio

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Lexington, Kentucky 40507
(859) 270-1180

Mind Over Body joyfully supports transformation through the process of self-discovery to bring us back to our whole selves.  As sisters working together, we do what we do best together — providing 3 lenses, different but integrated, and a diverse range of tools to help bring each individual into their own wholeness.

Pilates is a mind-body centric practice which starts the awareness at the core moving outwards to influence strength, flexibility, and alignment of the entire body supporting the journey back to our whole self. Mind Over Body will exclusively offer Pilates teacher training through the renowned Fletcher Pilates School.

Yoga is a philosophy, it’s a practice, it’s a transformative process which establishes the mind-body connection through breath, movement and mental focus practices to help us remember who we are, to bring us back to our whole self.

Healthy Life Coaching supports the best version of your whole self through customization of plans for your specific goals in the areas of nutrition, exercise, career, relationships, and spirituality.