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Lexington, Kentucky 40508
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CycleYOU is a total body, inspirational workout on a bike set to great music. The CycleYOU studio will be your oasis. CycleYOU will inspire you to be your best. It will make you sweat. It will make you smile. It will make you burn fat, tone your arms and work your core.

CycleYOU group indoor cycling in Lexington, KY is as much about clearing the obstacles of your mind as much as your body. Each class will create a place inside you where you thrive, where you exceed your expectations, where you beat every challenge. We will help you set aside your phone, emails, work, demands , everything so you can focus just on YOU! So you can recharge for your next day. CycleYOU will prepare you to take on your life with strength, joy and confidence.

When was the last time you were challenged? Inspired? CycleYOU instructors believe in bringing you along on a journey of empowerment. We aren’t here to break you down. We are here to build you up! We want to help you achieve your goals. We teach joy in movement, happiness in pushing yourself to your limits, knowing you are leaving our class stronger of body and mind than when you started. CycleYOU is about teaching to awesome music that will make you want to move. In fact, you will often feel you are dancing on your bike. Cycling to the beat!