Giddyup Lexington’s Main Street Scavenger Hunt: A wacky Let’s Roam Adventure

Jun. 14 - Jun. 12
All Day
The Bell House

545 Sayre Ave,,
Lexington, KY 40508

Looking for fun things to do in Lexington? Try a Lexington photo scavenger hunt. On the Giddyup Lexington’s Main Street scavenger hunt you will be going on an enthralling tour around Lexington checking out the art, history, and culture along the way. You’ll see groups of friends competing to unearth fun facts, taking ridiculous pictures, and deciding who will be the next scavenger hunt champion! This is the ultimate small group activity.

A few highlights of the scavenger hunt include: Thoroughbred Park, Mary Todd Lincoln House, Lexington Cemetery.

Looking to book Lexington team building activity? Set up a scavenger hunt and watch as your team’s fearless leaders guide their groups through the gauntlet of scavenger hunt fire. On this large group activity in Lexington, team members will have to use all their guile and wits to come out triumphant at the end of the adventure. Lace up your sneakers and Let’s Roam.

Here is some more info about this hunt:

One city in Kentucky is defined by its bluegrass, green spaces and horse racing. On this fun-filled Lexington scavenger hunt, we head straight up Main Street in search of storied buildings, epic art and dazzling fountains.What Dream Team makes up Thoroughbred Park? Where did Mary Todd Lincoln hang her hat? Find out on this scavenger hunt of Lexington!

Giddyup Lexington's Main Street Scavenger Hunt: A wacky Let’s Roam Adventure
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