About DLP

Mission Statement

DLP provides a strategically coordinated approach to Downtown revitalization and management and acts as the single point of contact and accountability. Specifically, DLP works to create a successful, vibrant Downtown by proactively and strategically working with our partners to:

  • Develop and improve Downtown.
  • Provide enhanced cleaning, beautification and saftey services.
  • Market and promote Downtown.
  • Address critical issues that affect the success of Downtown on behalf of our stakeholders and the regional community.

What we do

  • DLP is a community and business advocacy group
  • DLP is an event producer
  • DLP encourages responsible economic development, advocates diversity, communication and leadership in assisting property owners, businesses, employees and residents in making downtown Lexington a location for retail businesses, restaurants, offices, arts and cultural activities as well as a wonderful place to live and work
  • DLP assists our members with any issues in order to make doing business downtown as easy as possible
  • DLP promotes downtown Lexington

Now Hiring - Finance and Office Manager

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