Lexington Public Library is our Member of the Week!

Written by Tristen Davidson, Intern

A wide variety of books may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the library but the Lexington Public Library is breaking the mold by providing a multitude of resources and reaching out to the people of Lexington. With six convenient locations, anyone in Lexington can have access to the many incredible services that Lexington Public Library has to offer.

Discover Summer, Phoenix Forward & Farish Theater

Discover Summer and Phoenix Forward have just wrapped up and the effects are astounding. All the different programs merged together for a summer full of playing and exploring. The kids in the atrium at Central Library created a "joyful noise" and Central Library hopes to continue their atrium and Farish Theater programming. Farish Theater plays a new movie every week for free! The schedule of movies can be found at

Curbside Pick-Up

The Central and Beaumont locations have started a curbside pick-up service for items on hold. Simply pull your car up to the designated curbside location, give the location a call and they will bring your held books straight to your vehicle! This service is great for those who may have little ones asleep in the backseat or a trunk full of groceries.

Website Features

 Finding the information you want can be difficult at times but Lexington Public Library has made it easy to access what you need, when you need it. If you haven't yet checked out the Lexington Public Library's website, you can visit and gain access to multiple resources including the "Ask A Librarian" feature online, E-books, podcasts, online classes and a calendar of events. You can also download their mobile app, lexpublib2go, in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Book a Librarian

Another way the library is excelling in providing the best possible service is by their "Book a Librarian" program. This program allows one-on-one time with a professional librarian who can provide assistance with many kinds of research. The librarians can help you find a good book, search for jobs, research a topic and much more! Specifically, the librarians can show you how to search the grants database since Central Library provides grants to non-profits and to individual business starters. You can set up an appointment online or call during business hours.

Homework Help Program

With school starting soon, the library will be hosting the Homework Help program at the Village and Northside locations starting August 16th. Volunteer tutors will be available to assist with homework and reading every Monday through Thursday from 4-7 p.m. while school is in session. God's Pantry will also provide snacks at that time. The library loves their volunteers and appreciates all the help they can get during this time. If you would like to assist in this wonderful program, please email Colleen Hall at

Upcoming Events

Big things are coming to the Lexington Public Library including Tiny Libraries and letters to Santa! Tiny Libraries will be set up in 50 locations around the Lexington area starting in the fall. Simply take a book and replace it with a different one if you can. Stay connected to hear more about all the exciting activities Lexington Public Library has coming soon!

For more information about Lexington Public Library or the services they provide, go to the following sites.