Triangle Park

category icon 400 W Main St
Lexington, KY 40507

Triangle Park, in downtown Lexington, fans out to envelop the beholder into the tranquility of soft waterfalls, wide stone promenades lined with Honey Locust trees, pottery filled with blooming flowers, expanses of green grass surrounded by tables and chairs. The Honey Locust tree (gleditsia triacanthos), first observed scientifically in 1700, ushers in spring with fragrant blooms. Depending on the time of year, park patrons can enjoy  games of chess and backgammon, listen to musical selections, watch theatrical productions, attend open-air classes, surf the Internet or simply soak up the sun as it drifts through the fern-like leaves of the Locust trees. After the Locust tree leaves turn yellow in the fall, an ice skating rink keeps the park vibrant and alive during the winter season.